From Leading Designer to Leading a Nonprofit, with Cybelle Jones

It’s a rare moment when a leading designer swaps jobs to lead a nonprofit member organization. And then has to lead that organization through a global pandemic. What unique insights does an experience like that give you — and what can we all learn from it?

Cybelle Jones (CEO of SEGD), joins host Jonathan Alger (C&G Partners) to discuss what she’s learned going “From Leading Designer to Leading a Nonprofit”.

Along the way: finding your friendly nemesis, becoming a truffle pig, wearing the Hope Diamond — and all about the SEGD 50th Annual Meeting in Washington DC in August.

Talking Points:

1. Reinvention: Be agile and willing to reinvent yourself.

2. Competition / Cameraderie: It’s important to have a friendly nemesis and peer competition, but also to allow the space for open conversations.

3. Bigger Market: We can market our expertise to many more companies, markets and projects than you may realize.

4. Right Thing: We have tremendous influence and power to do the right thing on behalf of the communities, visitors and people our design is in service to.

5. Legacy: We have a responsibility to create the pipeline for the next generation our communal future.

6. That Question: Ask me anything. And no, I don’t miss designing. You know why?

7. SEGD’s 50th: What to expect at the organization’s 50th Annual Meeting in August.

Guest Bio:

Cybelle Jones is CEO of SEGD, a multidisciplinary community creating experiences that connect people to place. SEGD is a non-profit member organization focusing on education, innovation and design excellence by designing more equitable, sustainable, and user-centric environments. Prior to joining SEGD, Cybelle led numerous acclaimed design projects during her 25+ year tenure as Principal of G&A, including the National WWII Museum, the International Spy Museum, and the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Museum. Cybelle is actively involved in various boards and has spoken on the field of experience design at AAM, the V&A, FIT, AIGA, AIA and MuseumNext.


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From Leading Designer to Leading a Nonprofit, with Cybelle Jones
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